Clearinghouse for Climate Change Action in Central Ohio
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Kayakers enjoying Little Darby Creek

ROAR envisions a de-carbonized upper-Scioto watershed that is ecologically, economically, socially, and bio-regionally just and healthy.

ROAR fosters collaboration between organizations, agencies, and individuals, catalyzes action through existing and new programming, develops innovative funding mechanisms and reports using transparent measurement systems.

ROAR functions as a Clearinghouse for Climate Change Action.

About ROAR

While meeting the threat posed by our planetary climate emergency is difficult because of the scale of the challenge and our political divisions, there is a way forward. ROAR is an invitation to bring together the many individuals, groups, and organizations addressing climate change in Central Ohio as a wider coalition. Together we are more capable of effective action than any one entity alone. By becoming the people’s voice and acting together, we can reduce the region’s carbon footprint significantly by the end of the decade. At the same time, we understand that responses ignore related issues and challenges will not, ultimately, be successful or just.

Our efforts will address related issues including sustainability, resilience, and food security while contributing to healing economic inequalities, restoring healthy rural communities, and addressing the excessive climate burden carried by the economically disadvantaged in our midst.

ROAR will act as a convenor and clearinghouse to identify needs, gaps and opportunities, and create a common agenda on climate change action and we will fill the vision gap by helping people understand the need, communicating what we are doing, and inspiring people with what is possible.

To pull this off, we will need all the resources —agencies, colleges, entrepreneurs, activists— and voices —sociologists, engineers, farmers, city planners— to contribute to a more sustainable future. Together we can make the boldest, most impactful changes that we can collectively imagine.

Photo by Annette Boose. Kayakers on Little Darby Creek. May 1, 2013.

Meet Our Team

Terry Hermsen, Chairman ROAR

Terry Hermsen is the visionary that inspires collective action to address the climate crisis. As a professor of English at Otterbein University, he had been studying and teaching environmental literature and poetry and reached the point where he courageously stepped out into activism. In the summer of 2017 he formed the Central Ohio Communities Project (COCP) with the vision of creating a cross-region activism organization. In 2018 he organized another event at which David Orr was the keynote speaker. After failing to fulfill his vision and by taking cues from the Transition Town movement, Terry realized that the efforts may succeed better by focusing on the community of Delaware as a stepping stone to the larger organization. Together with Sustainable Delaware Ohio he has laid the groundwork for a Climate Action Plan for the City of Delaware, Ohio. Terry continues to look for ways to bring collaboration to climate action.

Tim Wood, Treasurer ROAR

Tim Wood, Treasurer ROAR

Kenny Warren, Secretary ROAR

Kenny Warren, Secretary ROAR

Stefanie Hauck board member ROAR

Stefanie Vogley-Hauck, board member ROAR and Marketing goddess