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Planting the seeds

Planting the seeds

The Regional Ohio Action for Resilience brings together community groups, concerned citizens, religious leaders, social justice leaders, non-profits, businesses, educational institutions and governmental entities to collaboratively create a more resilient region.

We like to get our hands dirty, planting the seeds of change and watching them grow. ‘Seeds’ can be ideas or projects just waiting for the right people to guide them.

What is growing now

Central Ohio Pollinator Pathway Fill out our survey (link above) to help us build vibrant green corridors for all to enjoy in the future throughout central Ohio.

Climate Change Resilience in Ohio Agroecosystems happened in Summer 2023

A summer internship focused on Climate Change Resilience in Ohio Agroecosystems ran from June 12 to July 27, 2023. Sponsored by the Stinner Endowment from the Ohio State University Agroecosystem Management Program (, the program gave its ambassadors gaining hands-on experience with best practices for regenerative farming and food system innovations to positively address our looming climate crisis.

Participants gathered as a cohort and participated in a series of training workshops, hands-on service-learning projects with youth from diverse rural and urban communities, and direct experiences with innovative farmers during the six-week program. Participants were certified as ‘Stinner Climate Ambassadors’ who can help build a bioregional regenerative network that brings together young people to share knowledge, expand awareness, and take the lead on transforming agroecological systems to improve climate resilience.

More details:

Proposed Intel Chip Plant near New Albany in Licking County – Intel announced plans in January 2022 for an initial investment of more than $20 billion in the construction of two new leading-edge chip factories in Ohio. The investment will help boost production to meet the surging demand for advanced semiconductors, powering a new generation of innovative products from Intel and serving the needs of foundry customers as part of the company’s IDM 2.0 strategy. To support the development of the new site, Intel pledged an additional $100 million toward partnerships with educational institutions to build a pipeline of talent and bolster research programs in the region.

Rapid 5 – Vision plans were released in July 2022. Read more about RAPID5 here.