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Stefanie Vogley-Hauck

Bipartisan infrastructure bill could expand federal support for urban tree placement gaps

The bipartisan infrastructure bill (H.R. 3684) moving in the Senate this week would expand federal support for urban tree placement gaps through a mapping program. The Healthy Streets initiative would put more efforts towards increasing tree canopy cover in marginalized neighborhoods nationwide. The bill authorizes $100 million a year for five years under a federal grant program to achieve better tree equity.

Multiple studies have shown that poorer neighborhoods have less tree canopy than richer areas.

Up to this point nonprofit groups and corporations have driven drive tree-planting efforts and boosting urban canopies in cities of all sizes both rural and urban.

The funding could cover the purchasing and planting of trees and the development of tree canopy plans. It also would encourage cities to use porous pavement—more permeable types of concrete, asphalt, and pavers—to absorb stormwater and reduce urban hot spots.

Preserving mature trees and strategically planting younger trees slow stormwater runoff, alleviate the urban heat island effect and provide increased mental well-being among other benefits like biodiversity net gain, erosion control etc.

Language of the bill can be found here.


It’s Plastic Free July: What you can do to go plastic free?

ROAR challenges everyone to go plastic free this month to demonstrate that yes, it can be done in small baby steps to completely cold turkey…we know some people are better positioned to go plastic free than others…to just minimizing the plastic you use in your daily life. It can be as simple as going from a single use coffee cup to a reusable mug, to bringing your own utensils to a picnic or switching from plastic straws to reusable ones.

July is a month to challenge yourself to go plastic free by taking the Plastic Free July® challenge.

Plastic Free July® is a key initiative of the Plastic Free Foundation that challenges people globally to go plastic free throughout the month of July with the hope that some of those individuals going completely plastic free from now on.

We know it is hard to go completely plastic free, but ROAR encourages the community to try this challenge out for a month and see if you can weave most of the principles of it into your daily life.

Take the challenge to go plastic free this month or for longer at

Global Warming’s Six Americas in 2020

Today, the Alarmed (26%) outnumber the Dismissive (7%) nearly 4 to 1. More than half (54%) of Americans are either Alarmed or Concerned, while the Doubtful and Dismissive are only 18% of the population. However, because conservative media organizations prominently feature Dismissive politicians, pundits and industry officials, most Americans overestimate the prevalence of Dismissive beliefs among other Americans.