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Stefanie Vogley-Hauck

Global Warming’s Six Americas in 2020

Today, the Alarmed (26%) outnumber the Dismissive (7%) nearly 4 to 1. More than half (54%) of Americans are either Alarmed or Concerned, while the Doubtful and Dismissive are only 18% of the population. However, because conservative media organizations prominently feature Dismissive politicians, pundits and industry officials, most Americans overestimate the prevalence of Dismissive beliefs among other Americans.


Next World Conversations: The Next World of Energy

Our third Next World Conversation will be how we can shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy, both here around Ohio and nationally in the post COVID-19 era. This month’s presenters are Jon-Paul d’Aversa, Senior Energy Consultant for Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC), and Randi Leppla, Vice President of Energy Policy for the Ohio Environmental Council (OEC). Please bring your ideas and questions.

After a 20-30 minute conversation between Jon-Paul and Randi, we will open the floor to all of us, seeking ways to take this further. Once again, Anna Willow, Professor of Environmental Anthropology at OSU-Marion, will serve as our moderator.

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Speaker bios:

Jon-Paul d’Aversa, AICP
Senior Energy Planner
Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission

As the Country’s first dedicated energy planner at the metropolitan planning organization level, Jon-Paul d’Aversa designs and leads energy initiatives for the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission. Through the Franklin County Energy Study, the Local Government Energy Partnership, and the Clean Energy Acceleration Program, his work is focused on the intersection of equity, the economy, and the environment.

Jon-Paul brings nearly a decade of energy planning and sustainability experience to MORPC. Half of this time was spent at the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, where Jon-Paul led the 2015 New York State Energy Plan and crafted the New York State 2030 goals for energy efficiency, renewable energy and emissions. His analyses supported the creation of the Reforming the Energy Vision Proceedings, the New York Green Bank, and the Microgrid Consortium.

With MORPC, Jon-Paul’s work incorporates an additional focus on transportation issues. He led MORPC’s role in the designation of an Alternative Fuel Corridor stretching from Cleveland to Cincinnati, has been assisting Smart Columbus’ electrification initiatives, and has used his macroeconomic and social justice expertise to support the case for cleaner fuels in the transportation sector. In 2021, MORPC will be releasing a suite of new energy programming for members, furthering local government capacity to be good stewards of Central Ohio’s future

Miranda Leppla
Vice President of Energy Policy and Lead Energy Council
Ohio Environmental Council

As the OEC’s Vice President of Energy Policy and Lead Energy Counsel, Miranda works to advance clean energy and energy efficiency policies and projects, works with utilities and businesses to create and implement plans for carbon pollution reductions, and advance forward-thinking, cutting-edge energy policies through advocacy, communications, partnerships, and litigation. She represents the OEC at the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, the Ohio Power Siting Board, and courts throughout the State of Ohio in legal cases pertaining to energy issues.