Earth Day at Home – ways to celebrate the 50th anniversary virtually
Earth Day at Home – ways to celebrate the 50th anniversary virtually

Earth Day at Home – ways to celebrate the 50th anniversary virtually

Wednesday, April 22 is the 50th commemoration of Earth Day. It is a day to reflect on the past 50 years of starts and stops, successes and failures. It is a day to reflect on where we are, where we’ve been and more importantly where we want to go from here. With the emergence of zoonotic diseases such as H1N1, H1N5, SARSv1 and now SARSv2 or COVID-19, the need for reflection, to look inward, to take a breath and meditate amid the storm is sorely needed so we may move forward proactively, thoughtfully, mindfully and with determination as there is no more time to waste. The tipping point has passed and the time to act is now. And a precedent is unveiling itself right now. This pandemic has shown that we can collectively stop polluting our air, water and lands and the results are almost instantaneous. Dolphins are swimming in the empty canals of Venice, dense air pollution has given way to clear blue skies and wildlife is thriving in closed national and regional parks. Here are some virtual events that will inspire us as we take stock in where we are on Earth Day 2020. #EarthDayAtHome

MAD Scientists invasive species removal and prairie planting

MAD Scientist Associates will be planting native woodland wildflowers at Westerville’s Boyer Nature Preserve. Plant material is supplied by a Scioto Gardens as well as being salvaged from a development site. The event will be live-streamed on Instagram and Facebook between 10 am and 2 pm.


Earth Day at the Columbus Zoo

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of #EarthDay and join us to “Chill out With Polar Bears!” This Wednesday, April 22, the Zoo invites you to tune in to a special celebration through the Tundra Connections® webcast series, presented by our conservation partner, Polar Bears International, and Discovery Education.

Tom Stalf, President and CEO of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, and Devon Sabo, one of our expert polar bear keepers, will also be joining Kyle Schutt from Discovery Education and Dr. Thea Bechshoft from Polar Bears International for special sessions that will include important facts about polar bears and how we can help protect this amazing species.

Join in LIVE at 11 a.m. (eastern) online at for a session tailored for elementary education and 2 p.m. (eastern) for a session geared toward secondary education. The videos will also be available for viewing on Polar Bears International’s website () after the broadcast.

Plus, be sure to submit a question either by using the chat window on their Tundra Connections page () or email them to For more information, visit: .


OEC is celebrating Earth Day with a virtual contest 

The OEC Emerging Leaders Council challenges you to #QuaranGreen with us, as we virtually celebrate Earth Day 2020! From April 19 through April 25, join us in practicing #SustainableDistancing by playing Earth Day Bingo on Instagram and Facebook. Show your friends and family your love for the Earth by completing actions, checking off your Bingo squares, and posting to your story. If you cover your board, you’ll be entered into a raffle to win your choice of fun and environmentally-friendly prizes.


Ohio Wesleyan is hosting a virtual Earth Week

Activities everyday from April 19-25. Link here:


Virtual global and national Earth Day events

Citizens’ Climate Lobby Uniting From Home with Katharine Hayhoe

Center for Biological Diversity #SavingLifeOnEarth

Earth Institute’s Earth Day 50/50: Looking Back, Moving Forward

Earth Day Live 2020 – 3 Day Livestream 24 Hours of Action

The World After Corona – Globalisation, Risk and the Future

We Don’t Have Time Earth Day Week Conference

Earth Day Virtual Fest on Facebook

A Message From Earth Day’s First Organizer

NASA’s Earth Day Toolkit – Resources and Activities

NASA #EarthDayAtHome

American Museum of Natural History Earthfest

Earth Challenge Citizen Science Initiative

EarthX Virtual Conferences Events and Films

Warming Waters Virtual Earth Day Celebration

Virtual Village of Connection Fire Side

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