You are invited to Next World Conversations
You are invited to Next World Conversations

You are invited to Next World Conversations

You are invited to Next World Conversations

We hope that you are healthy and safe and we are excited to invite you to our first Next World Conversation!

Please join us as we facilitate a series of conversations about the change we wish to see (and be). In the face of interlinked challenges including climate change, pandemics, and systemic racism, a new vision of the future is needed. Our systems are breaking down and we are searching for and re-visioning what our future could look like. This series will address systems such as food, energy, education, democracy, health – major systems that impact our quality of life.

This month, we address our food system. COVID-19 and the associated lockdowns created an unprecedented challenge to our food industry as a whole – from farms to grocery stores to restaurants. The food system broke down at the height of the pandemic and basic necessities were unavailable for weeks, shining a light on how broken our long-distance food supply chain is.

We want to discuss many aspects of our food system and how they impact our climate and culture. You are invited to post questions about regenerative farming, the food supply chain, veganism, homesteading, and other food topics of interest. For example, many people who were quarantined decided to grow their own food on whatever corner of land they had available in a grassroots ‘Victory Garden’ movement. It seems that sourcing food closer to where we live is the way to a more resilient future. Or is it? Come with your concerns and ideas and explore how you can be part of the change.

Local Food and the Future of Agriculture

Join Us on Thursday June 25 @ 7:30 PM via Zoom

Tim Van Meter, Associate Professor in the Alford Chair of Christian Education and Youth Ministry (MTSO),
Coordinator of Ecological Initiatives
Kip Curtis, Assistant Professor Environmental History (OSU Food Innovation Center)
Conversation Facilitator: Anna Willow, Profession Environmental Anthropology (OSU)

Pre-Register HERE to join the ZOOM Meeting (registration only required once)

Please forward this email to someone that should join this conversation.

This conversation will be a facilitated dialogue between two leaders in the field of agriculture and food, followed by a conversation with you, the audience. We will record the event and create a published compilation that helps to track our progress and inspire other regions to host their own Next World Conversations.

We look forward to seeing you on Zoom!

The ROAR Team.

Next World Conversations hosted by Regional Ohio Action for Resilience - June: Local Food and the Future of Agriculture

A few curated article links and organizations on the topic of food.

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