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Connecting with nature in lock-down

The other day my sister in Europe wrote in an email that my mother was watching a live-stream of birds nests and baby birds on television in the Netherlands. Brilliant! Connecting with nature in lock-down can be a challenge for those who live in an urban area, with little or no access to green spaces it’s markedly more difficult. I really like Dr. Flo Seymour’s approach: “It’s important here to focus on what can be done, rather than what can’t.”

I’m currently staying at my in-laws and spend most of the time in the basement. Fortunately it is a walk-out basement, and first thing in the morning I will open the louver doors and see the pine trees, bunnies, and even deer coming by. The sunshine helps me make it through long days of work.

I invite you to use this article on MindSphere Blog and find how you can connect with nature in your own space. Leave us a comment on what you figured out.


Ingrid Wood

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