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Next World Conversations

Next World Conversations


Next World Conversations is inspired by a simple truth: Times of crisis catalyze visions of better worlds. Temporarily overshadowing the larger and longer-term catastrophes of climate change, ecological decline, and social injustice, the COVID-19 pandemic triggered dramatic transformations in how we work, learn, and interact. Even as loud voices demanded a return to business as usual, many of us realized that the old normal we had left behind was very deeply flawed. We will not go back.

In the spring of 2020, the authors and other members of Regional Ohio Action for Resilience (ROAR) confronted the same question as millions of others: What now? We chose to reframe the ongoing closures, systemic shocks, and public unrest as an opportunity to bring something better into being. But what comes next? How are better worlds made? And where do we begin? To answer these questions, we invited leading experts to join us for an online conversation series; once each month, we came together to talk and think deeply about the future of our world. Next World Conversations is the result. This book offers a unique synthesis of academically-informed solutions to real-world problems, diverse original perspectives on the future of our world, and actionable inspiration for the years ahead. From our small corner of the world, we are developing positive visions of the possible. We are building stronger, healthier, more sustainable, and more equitable communities.

We invite readers to join us as we reclaim the future, one community at a time!

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